Interested in having a firework display at your event but feel it's out of budget? Our starter package may be right for you!


If you're within 50 miles of our base then we can offer you our great value starter package! For £500 you will get a magical 4 minute display ending in a finale of beautiful aerial shells to wow the attendees of your event. 


Of course, if you then feel you'd like to spend a little more on your show, we can discuss a whole range of extras such as additional firing positions (our starter package comes with one firing position), extra length or extra shells etc. 


At F1 Pyro we take the utmost pride in our work, so you can guarentee that no matter what size show you're booking you'll get the highest quality display possible. We want to make sure that the magic of fireworks isn't out of anyone's range so we hope by offering our starter package it might be the encouragement you need to add that finishing touch to your event! 


Add a little bit of magic to your evening - book our starter package today!