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Frequently Asked Questions: 

We understand that the logistics of a firework display are something you probably haven't thought about before, so below we've answered a few of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a query that isn't answered below, feel free to get in touch, one of our team will be happy to help.


How much does a firework display cost?
This has got to be our most commonly asked question, but the answer is there isn't really a set cost. Our prices start at £250 per a minute (minimum of 4 minutes) or if you were looking for something along the lines of our Southport show you'd be looking at £30,000 or more. The sky really is the limit but we can guarentee no matter what your budget you'll be getting a top quality display.




How much land/space do we need?
Ideally we would like a wide open space, with at least a 100m perimeter around the firing site, a safe distance from the public/vulnerable structures and away from the storage of anything flammable! We understand that it's not always possible to fire from the middle of a big open field however and are able to overcome almost any challenge posed by a difficult site so don't hesitate to get in touch!




Are you insured?


Yes, we are covered by public, product liability insurance up to £5 Million. We are covered by employers liability insurance up to £10 Million.


When can I have a display?


You can have a display any time of the year however there are certain restrictions regarding what time of day you can fire - generally all displays must be fired before 11pm except for occasions such as November 5th where you can fire up until midnight, and events such as New Year and Diwali where you can fire until 1am.


Will fireworks go off in the rain?


Absolutely, rain wouldn't be a problem however the wind can sometimes cause a few issues. We very rarely cancel a display due to adverse weather conditions however if there are gale force winds that are going to blow debris straight over the spectator area then postponing the show would be something we would have to consider. Safety is our number one concern and we reserve the right to cancel/postpone a display if we feel it would be unsafe for those attending. Other than this the weather generally isn't something to worry about.


Can you have fireworks with no sound?


While it is impossible to have a completely silent firework display, we can do a "low noise" display, which omits the loud, thunderous bangs you would usually associate with fireworks. This provides a very pretty,  sparkly and no less impressive display but is much kinder if you have animals near by or venue restrictions!

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