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So, you found your perfect venue, but they don't allow fireworks because they're too loud? No problem.


You may not realise, but fireworks don't always have to come with the big bang we're so used to. In fact, we've spent time refining our low noise firework displays down to a tee. 


Although we can't offer a completely silent display (they are fireworks after all!) we can offer a beautiful coordinated display without the usual loud bangs and bursts we're all accustomed to.


While a quiet fireworks show may be more calm and serene it is no less beautiful without the loud bursting shells. The sky will be lit up with dramatic chases of single shot fireworks and glittering waterfalls plus if you have specific colour requirements this of course is no problem.


Why not take a look for yourself? To the right you'll find a video of one of our low noise displays filmed and edited by our talented friends at Pyro Productions (featuring our old company name/logo). As you can see our low noise firework displays provide a truly beautiful show that will still completely WOW your guests and be a memorable experience for all involved.  Stunning choreography and colour selection make a low noise firework display a great option for any type of event, from wedding to private party!

We have fired many wedding firework displays with low noise fireworks as these seem to be the perfect compromise for wedding venues that are concerned about noise levels - for more info on our wedding firework packages please see our wedding specific website here.





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