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At Phase One Fireworks we can accommodate any type of event - whether it be a small, intimate wedding party, or a large public show. We have a wealth of experience in many areas of Pyrotechnics and can guarantee our shows will blow you away no matter the size or budget.

As winners of the 2015 British Musical Fireworks Championship, we have proven we know how to put on a stunning Pyromusical. Fireworks choreographed to music really add that extra special something to a display and always get the best reaction.

Have you got a big display to cater for over November? Or perhaps a New Years Eve event? Maybe even a summer fete you want to add that final touch to? We have fired public displays of varying sizes and know what goes in to making a display not only spectacular but as safe as possible for all those involved.

When it comes to planning your big day, we know you want it to be as memorable as possible for all involved, so why not light up your night with one of our wedding displays? Fireworks always get an amazing reaction and can be the perfect final touch to the wedding of your dreams.

Planning a party? How about adding some fireworks to make your night go off with a bang? Wether you have 8 guests coming or 800 we can help you plan a display that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come.


It's an unfortunate fact that many venues aren't keen on fireworks, purely for the amount of noise they can make, but many people aren't aware that it is actually possible to book a quiet display! All the spendour and sparkle of your usual display but removing the offending noisy fireworks that often put people off.

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