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Much like with public displays, fireworks are no longer purely a November event - you can light up your night the whole year round!


Whatever the celebration, a spectacular firework display can make the difference between a good event and one that will stick in peoples minds for years to come.  From private parties to large scale public events, no display is too big or too small for Phase One Fireworks.


Our bespoke packages mean we can cater to anyone's tastes - whatever your requirements we have you covered! If you need a specific palette of colours or have some music tracks that mean a lot to you then we can work all this in to your display. We will go through all this in detail with you well in advance of your date to get everything planned to perfection!


Having said that, we understand that sometimes decisions are a bit more last minute, and depending on the size of display you require we can arrange something special for you with only a few days notice!


We operate the whole year round so don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to add that finishing touch to your event!

We also offer low noise/"quiet" fireworks, so if you're worried about disturbing the neighborhood or upsetting any animals in the area then this may be a fantastic option for you. For more info on our low noise firework displays please see the low noise section of our website here.


Make your party go off with a bang - book your party fireworks with Phase One Fireworks!

party fireworks by phase one fireworks
A private Firework Display by Phase One Fireworks
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