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As winners of the 2015 British Musical Fireworks Championship Phase One Fireworks have proven themselves to be experts in designing top quality musical firework displays.


Using our top of the range FireOne firing system means that we can fire our shows with split second accuracy, eccentuating the effect of the display being timed with the music.


All our Pyromusical's are completely bespoke - no two shows are ever the same and we will happily meet any requirements yourself or the venue may have (including quiet fireworks!). 


Being a bespoke service also means that the pricing for this kind of display will vary greatly depending on your requirements but as a guide, an entry level Pyromusical would start at around £350 per minute for a minimum of 4 - 5 minutes, going all the way up to £2,500 per minute at the higher end but really the sky is the limit - depending on what you want we would work out the cost to suit.

Many companies provide firework displays to music, but a true Pyromusical firework display steps it up another level. A Pyromusical is completely choreographed to your selected music, with fireworks going off at perfectly timed intervals to the beat of the song. If you're looking for a display that your guests will remember forever then a Pyromusical is definitely for you. If you'd like to discuss your requirements then please get in touch we'd be more than happy to hear from you.


Add a little bit of magic to your evening - book a Pyromusical with Phase One Fireworks today!

Pyromusical Firework Display Sussex Surrey
Pyromusical Firework Display in Sussex
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