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So... they've finally popped the question and now it's time to start planning your wedding!


For many, getting married is the single most important event in their life, so it goes without saying that you'd want the day to be as memorable as possible.


If your chosen venue allows it, Phase One Fireworks can offer you a spectacular wedding display that will make your guests remember your special day for years to come. It is worth noting, that if your venue has any concerns about noise restrictions or generally doesn't allow fireworks because of the amount of noise they make, we can actually offer a "quiet" display, where the amount of noise is seriously reduced.


We can offer you a completely bespoke service - if you've got specific music that you'd like your show to fire to that's not a problem, or if there's certain colours that mean a lot to you we can work with those as well! If you'd prefer a little more guidance, we are happy to make suggestions that suit you regarding music, duration, budget etc. That's not a problem at all, our only concern is that you have the most wonderful day possible with the help of one of our beautiful displays! 

It's worth noting, that if your venue has noise restrictions we can also offer low noise/"quiet" firework displays. These are no less beautiful than our normal displays, they just avoid the big booming sounds that can often be the most upsetting for animals and surrounding residents! 


Light up your special day - book your Wedding display with Phase One Fireworks!

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